Saturday, September 5, 2009

Owlbear Re-Concept

Inspired by the web-blog of Jon Schindehette, I develped my own concept designs to re-interpret the Dungeons and Dragons classic beast, the Owlbear.
The previous interpretations of the Owlbear have always been a bit silly and I'm excited to see that Wizards of the Coast is actively looking to re-invent this classic monster from the Monster Manual.
My understanding of the Owlbear from the literature has been that it was a freak wizardry accident that had escaped into the wild. The new interpretation appears to be that it is a Fey creature. Either way, its got great potential as a nasty animal, that anyone would be terrified to bump into in a dark corridor.

Working from the description, the Owlbear is a natural creature from the Feywild. I tried to make the creature appear as natural as possible, and not a freak aberation or alien from another world! While at the same time trying to stay true to the previous artwork. I imagine the Owlbear being able to fly, even if only a little. It possesses amazing night vision and hearing of the owl, and ferocious power of a bear. I conceive of several possible variants and breeds including Dire Owlbears, Worg Owlbears, etc.

I hope you enjoy and want to hear your feedback!


M Merissi

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